Howdy Everyone, I’m back and got some leaked Images of Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 which is going to air tonight. So let’s get started. All of these images belong to Toei Animation and their respective companies, we don’t own these images!

Today Information about Dragon Ball Super Movie for 2018 was released officially, see it here. The movie will move around the story of the “Origin of Saiyans”.

The Universe 3 MetaBots, in this image, looks like they are gonna start the fight against the Universe 7 warriors especially Gohan. Their Merged form is gonna be interesting.

The Merged warrior of Universe 3 was known since the starting, the name of this fusion is still unknown but they are enough powerful that they made Gohan unleash Ultimate Ki.

The fusion is surely a mess and Aniraza too.

This one is cool it looks like that Vegeta and Goku is going to work together to defeat this fused robot from Universe 4 and we all know that if Goku and Vegeta work together they can even defeat the strongest enemy.

But I don’t think it’s going to happen in this episode as it’s a Gohan centric episode.

Please note that the above fusion is of 3 robots but we will have a fusion of 4 people which will be termed as Anirazza in Episode 120:

Check it out for yourself, below, the right card is of Anirazza:

That is how Anirazza will appear as per the new Dragon Ball Heroes trailer!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 – 123 English Full Episode SPOILERS: 

Leaked image of 121:

Episode 121 “All-out war! Ultimate 4-way union vs the entire Universe 7!!” December 23, 2017

Paparoni announces, ”let me show you! The finest secret technique of Universe 3!? And then an intense flash of light appears in the area. Goku, Gohan and Vegeta uses their arms to block the intense light while Android 17 and 18 take cover. When they can see properly again, they see a huge shape of Aniraaza appear. Appearance of Anirazza is shown above this paragraph!

Episode 121

Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 image has been leaked, see above! It shows Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, and Android 17 getting ready to battle, but where is Android 18? Has Android 18 been eliminated by Aniraaza Robot fusion from Universe 3 or someone else?

Universe 3 warriors merge and go up against Goku and his teammates as the fight for survival begins between the two universes and reaches its climax. But, it looks like universe 3 was still hiding something.

Universe 3 fusion

There will be No episode on December 30th, 2017. 

Episode 122 – “Risking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to the strongest.”     

January 6th, 2018.

The summary of this Episode is not available yet, but two things about it are confirmed, that are: It will be a fully Vegeta centered Episode!

The animation quality of this episode will be amazing as the production’s animator and writer who is making this episode is the one who made Episode 110.

Episode 123 – “Unleash Entire Power Of Mind And Body!” (Provisional Title)

As you see in the title of Episode 123- “Unleash Entire Power Of Mind And Body” this literally means that someone is going to get perfected Ultra Instinct but as we all know that Defensive Ultra Instinct uses Entire Power Of Mind but not the Body because when Goku was using Ultra Instinct his punches were weak.

Provisional title and the actual title are almost identical, and the story of the episode remains the same as said by the title!

So, what are your thoughts about this? Let me know your suggestions and opinions in the comment section.

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