Howdy everyone, In this article I will cover Dragon Ball Super Episode 122-126 Spoilers, Here is the spoiler warning for you all. These spoilers will blow your mind simply because of overwhelming power of Jiren.

Special thanks to KenXyro on Twitter for the translations and Yonkou Productions for the scans. Let’s get started:

Episode 122, “For one’s own Pride! Vegeta’s challenge to be the strongest.” (Date: 6/7th January, 2018)

Many people must have noticed that Vegeta is trying very hard against Jiren and results are obvious, though when Goku fought in Super Saiyan blue, don’t forget that he was with less stamina than Vegeta, at the end of the preview Goku says – “Draw Forth Power Beyond your Limit!”

Vegeta hits Jiren two times point blank! One kick and one punch, don’t expect anything less from this Episode 122 as it will be animated by the same animator who animated Episode 110, his name is Takahashi, he is known for amazing animation quality and level of detail, some amazing clips you can see above this paragraph.

Episode 123, “Full Power of Mind and Body Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!!” (Date:13/14th January, 2018)

Only Universe 11 led by Jiren and Universe 7 led by Son Goku remain in the Tournament of Power, 7 minutes remain in the tournament of power. Vegeta uses all of his power that is full power of body and mind to fight against Jiren of Universe 11, but Jiren doesn’t lose even then. On the other hand, Vegeta is severely wounded and is now in trouble.

ANIMATION STAFF: Script /Atsuhiro Tomioka

Storyboard + Director / Masanori Sato

Animation Supervisor / Osamu Ishikawa, Hiroyuki Itai

Episode 124, “Fierce rush attack! Gohan’s Final Stand!!” (Date: 20/21st January, 2018)

Even though Goku and Vegeta team up to attack Jiren, they barely manage to land a hit on him. On the other hand, it looks like Jiren’s power level increased even further. At that time Gohan of Universe 7 goes in to help Freeza to fight against Dyspo of Universe 11. Final stand may mean his last stand though.


Script / Yukinori Fukushima

Storyboard / Kiyosumi Yamamoto

Director / Hideki Hiroshima

Animation Supervisor / Yoichi Onishi

Episode 125, “God of Destruction Toppo appears! Pure Overwhelming Power!!” (Date: 27/28th January, 2018)

Spoilers are still not available but the title itself reveals that Toppo is finally gonna be showing up his true power and probably his opponent will be Android 17 as Gohan and Freiza are busy with Dyspo and Vegeta and Goku with Jiren.

Episode 126, Title not decided yet! Check later for updates.

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