Yesterday’s episode was one of the best episode of Universal Tournament Arc so far. In the episode the Z-fighters faced off against the monstrous and ruthless Anilaza, while Android 18 got eliminated the universe 3 got finally erased. We will discuss about Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 Gohan vs Toppo later in this article.

In the end there are 9 minutes left in Tournament of Power with 2 universes and 8 warriors remaining. Hey all, wish you a Merry Christmas and happy a new year in advance. These were the most epic scenes of 121:

So, you all probably knew that and the next episode 122, Vegeta will challenge to be the strongest, also in the preview we saw Goku lending hand to Vegeta while fighting against Jiren.

According to the spoilers Freiza will be going to fight up against Dyspo. Now this leaves behind Gohan and Android 17 from Universe 7 and Toppo the leader of Pride trooper of Universe 11.

Also, in the preview we saw Gohan and Toppo making up moves which surely confirms they are gonna fight.


Now there are chances that whether there will be duo of Gohan and Android 17 against Toppo or that Android 17 will take some rest after the fierce battle with Anilaza leaving behind one on one battle between Gohan and Toppo.

Tournament of Power stats by KenXyro:

Goku is at the top and second is Vegeta!

So, what are your thoughts about this. Will he be able to trigger a new form in Gohan? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in comment section and don’t forget to subscribe our blog’s notifications!

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