Hey everyone, we have some early spoilers for the upcoming episode 124 which will release on January 20th concerned about Gohan and Freiza duo Vs Dyspo. Also, there is one leaked image from episode 124 in the end of this article, let’s get started.

Kenxyro just have translated some more new spoilers of episode 124:

RAGING FIERCE ATTACK! GOHAN’S LAST STAND!! Gohan is in Dire situation!(Cornered) What is his comeback Plan!? Gohan helps Freiza who is holding a fierce fight against Universe 11’s Dyspo. Gohan and Freiza are being cornered by Dyspo’s lightening Speed Movements.

Old spoilers: FIERCE RUSH ATTACK! GOHAN’S FINAL STAND!! While Goku and Vegeta are fighting Jiren, Frieza makes a proposal to Dyspo. He says “If universe 11 wins, use super Dragon balls to resurrect me, if you can promise me that, I will happily team up with Universe 11”.

As the next episode is just around the corner and fans are really hyped about the next episode, the beginning of Final Battle between Jiren and Goku is almost there, Vegeta’s new transformation too, Dyspo Vs Freiza and Gohan and the overwhelming power like a God Of Destruction Toppo too will be on the move, may be this will be enough to break down the Cruncyroll servers again.

At last here is a leaked image from Episode 124. That’s all for today.

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