Hey, everyone, we have some leaked images for today’s Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 titled – Vegeta’s Desperate Blow. This episode will be a Vegeta centered episode in which he will fight against Toppo the God of Destruction.

All these Leaked Images belong to Toei Animation and their respective companies. So, here they are:

It looks like Vegeta is using final flash probably against the God Toppo. Also, one notable thing is that Vegeta’s new forms sparkles have increased. What does this suggest?

Toppo is charging an energy ball against Vegeta’s energy ball which is similar to Frieza’s attack and what is that red ki around Toppo? The episode is full of mysteries.

It looks like Jiren has smashed Goku against the rock and made him back to base form.

Vegeta charging against the Overwhelming God of Destruction Toppo. Probably giving him a hard time.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Spoilers:

Fans have been waiting for these spoilers as they will give a hint about episode 126 whether Vegeta is really gonna risk his life or Android 17 is really gonna be next to get eliminated.

The spoilers have given the answer to some of our questions while some remain uncertain.

DBS Episode 127: The approaching Obstacle! Entrusting hope to the final barrier!! Date: 11th February 2018.

“17’s do-or-die move! Even though wounded, 17 lends Goku and Vegeta help in their battle against Jiren and his overwhelming power, 17 helps Goku and the others by acting on a very desperate strategy.”

In the upcoming episode 127, Android 17 will lend his help to Vegeta and Goku as they are fighting against Jiren. Even after being wounded from battle with Toppo, 17 will try his against Jiren by working upon a desperate strategy for the survival of Universe 7.

The episode also has revealed that Vegeta is not gonna be risking up his life and as there is no mention of Toppo it looks like Vegeta is able to eliminate him in 126 and about Freiza he probably will be busy laying down.

To sum up:

Toppo is out maybe! No name of Frieza, Jiren still powering up, 17 is the real MVP, 5-6 Episodes left until the tournament end.

So, are you ready for 3 on 1 handicap match right against the Universe 11’s Jiren? Do you think this trio will be able to defeat Jiren? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and do subscribe our blog.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 New Spoilers:

“Surpass Even a God! Vegeta’s Life-Risking Blow” Vegeta battles the ”God of Destruction”

“No.17 and Freeza desperately battle against Toppo, who has unleashed the power of destruction. Goku and Vegeta draw near while keeping up their rush attack against Jiren, the arena collapses, and things become one big free-for-all!”

Toppo! The cornered Toppo starts using his true power as a candidate for God of Destruction! He and Jiren attack Vegeta.

DBS Ep 126 will release on February 4th.

However, Vegeta faces off against Jiren with a nonstop full-power attack. Who will be the victor?!

17 and Freeza This Week: In dire situation! 17 and Freeza try to defeat Toppo; 17 by using rocks to attack, and Freeza by using his psychic powers! However, both are felled by Toppo’s counterattack (He defeats them)!

TOEI Animation itself announced that Dragon Ball will continue even after the movie in December.

So, are you ready for the rematch between Toppo and Vegeta? For suggestions and opinions drop your messages in the comments section and do subscribe our blog.

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