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Howdy, everyone, we have some latest news for all the Dragon Ball Super Fans out there. Leaked Image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 was released. And also, the plot of Episode 129 was leaked. Let’s get started. Here is the Leaked Image, Vegeta has lost vision in one eye and he can’t turn Super Saiyan Blue anymore due to lack of energy:

Did the Dragon Ball Super cast spoil Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 on accident!? Voice Recording of the Last Episode of Dragon Ball Super is complete and some surprising faces of the voice actors of Super are there below in the picture. They uploaded the afterparty image just after the last Japanese voice recording of 131. We can see Voice of Cabba and Voice of Vados in it.

Will Universe 6 get wished back? It is generally like this that the voice actors which are needed only go to recording, this clarifies that Voice of Cabba and Vados were involved in that last recording. So, our bet is on that Universe 6 will be resurrected.

At the party in the image above celebrating the final DBS recording session, when Daisuke Kishio (the voice of Cabba) explained how Kuririn was killed by both Tambourine and Freeza, Yuriko Yamaguchi (Vados) thought he said that Freeza used a tambourine to kill Kuririn.

Here are the detailed spoilers for Episode 127-129:

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 (Release Date: 10th February)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 (Release Date: 17th February)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 (Release Date:3rd March) No Episode on 24th Feb

Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 (Release Date: 17th February)

Title: “Prideful till the end! Vegeta Falls!!”

The Invisible Jiren! The fate of Vegeta’s challenge is? Looking at how badly Goku is covered in wounds, Vegeta goes top fight Jiren all alone. Even though he takes on Jiren’s fierce destructive attack, Vegeta continues to fight for his pride as a Saiyan but as the title suggests he will be defeated.

Goku intently observing Vegeta’s Do-or-die battle. What exactly is Goku thinking about and will he be able to recover in time to fight Jiren once more?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 (Release Date: 3rd March) No Episode on 24th Feb

Title: “Breakthrough the limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!”

As the title suggests the First opening song of DBS: Chouzetsu Dynamic Second opening song of DBS: Genkai Toppa x Survivor, Episode 129 title is “Genkai Chouzetsu Toppa” meaning Transcend – Breakthrough The Limit!

New Song of DBS

The “Ultimate Battle” Song will be released individually on 14th February and also later on with Dragon Ball Theme Song Collection on 28th February.

Episode 127 Summary

Jiren is now the only Enemy left. Jiren Unleashes his Ki and finally showed his true strength. However, Goku, Vegeta and 17 confronts Jiren one after another despite being overwhelmed by Jiren’s powerful Ki.

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