Howdy, everyone, there wasn’t much news this week, but I am back with the new latest update regarding Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 English Sub spoilers by Ken and Yonkou which will release on March 3rd USA time (Saturday) and March 4th Asia Time (Sunday). Let’s jump right into them:

Update 3rd March: Check 129 LEAKED IMAGES HERE. 

Image by KenXyro

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!”

Ultra Instinct Mastered!? Goku’s power ascends!

The Tournament of Power rushes into Goku and Jiren’s final duel! The cornered Goku unconsciously awakens the power that slumbered deep within his body and his power level skyrockets! Thus, he draws closer to the ultimate battle form, Ultra Instinct!!

This week’s Jiren: Not ready to lose he releases his full strength! Goku’s rising power steals a smile from Jiren! In return, Jiren puts all of his hidden strength into his fists and strikes Goku! Will this be the deciding blow!?

This new form of Silverish hair is just called ‘Ultra Instinct’, the earlier form (above pic) of Dark Blue Aura (Shown in Episode 109, 116) is called Ultra Instinct Omen or the Symptoms of Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 will release on March 3/4th. Check all these images below:

Image teased by Dragon Ball Heroes, they will release some sort of Video trailer on March 8th, 2018. (Super Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Mission)

Dragon Ball Heroes poster above provides many great looks for this form.

Here are the action figures of the major DBS characters including Goku’s new form!

A look at the exact face of Goku in his new form above.

A poster from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 showing this form as a playable DLC character.

The poster which teased this new form a day before the episode 128. DBS Episode

By KenXyro

Are you all ready for March 3rd?

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