Howdy, everyone, finally today Full powered Ultra Instinct Design was revealed as per designed by Sir Akira Toriyama. Herms98 and KenXyro tweeted about this! That’s how it will look like in Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 which will release on March 4th.

This is Akira Toriyama-sensei’s illustration!! [The skinny one that looks remarkably similar to SSG Goku], Also unveiling the anime design image! [the more muscular picture in the bottom]

Finally…appearing at last!!! Son Goku’s Ultimate Form!

His body responds to every attack on its own and counterattacks! The time has come to unveil the completed form of Ultra Instinct. Expect great things from this, the strongest Son Goku in history!

Goku Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Information by KenXyro:

Ultimate Final Battle song of Goku vs Jiren:

Episode 128 Images:

All these images belong to TOEI Animation and their respective companies, we don’t own them. Next Episode after 128 will release on March 3rd.

Jiren will attack with a powerful punch. Today’s episode will contain an element of surprise for Vegeta fans as per the writer of the current episode Toshio.

The above image confirms that Goku will go Ultra Instinct in episode 128, as you can see in the above image Goku will go Ultra Instinct and punch Jiren in the gut.

My prediction is that Goku will go Ultra Instinct in the ending of episode 128, I think that seeing Vegeta brutally Beaten down might be the trigger for Ultra Instinct.

In the image you can see that Vegeta is down, I think that this is the part when Vegeta will hear Bulma’s Voice which was mentioned in the spoilers of Episode 128.

Bulma is speaking to Vegeta in his consciousness.

It’s the part when Goku will go Ultra Instinct in Episode 128, this might be the part before Jiren vs Goku fight.

In the above image, you can see that Vegeta is using Final Flash, Vegeta has bruises all over his body.

I think that this is the image from the ending of Episode 128 of Dragon Ball Super which is presenting Goku Vs Jiren final fight in the next episode 129.

DBS 129 (Release Date: 3rd March) No Episode on 25th Feb

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