Howdy, everyone, I know everyone is damn excited about Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 English Subbed which will release tonight, and we have some exclusive 9 Leaked Images. Sites will definitely crash this time as there was a one week break and also because of much-anticipated Finale of Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren.

Updated: Episode 130 Preview

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Looks like even Ultra Instinct Omen is having trouble.

This picture looks great.

Jiren the grey, ready to fight.

Looks like Vegeta is really concerned.

Ultimate image of the Ultra Instinct Goku.

Team Members stunned by Goku’s form.

A Kamehameha same as the one which threw Kefla off.

This image was seen in the one minute preview.

Goku charging some kind of attack.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

Herms: Unable to oppose Jiren, Goku is on the brink of getting ringed out when he awakens to Ultra Instinct for the third time. Though Goku dodges Jiren’s attack and lands a heavy blow, Jiren fights back too.

Jiren’s fast, heavy blow is too much for even Goku in Ultra Instinct mode to dodge. The two begin an evenly-matched battle. The pressure from the two’s attacks makes the surrounding arena collapse more and more. Cracks even start to form in the spectator seats where the gods watching the fight sit.

As this battle continues, Jiren finally starts to lose his breath, and he raises his ki up even higher to hit Goku with a full-power blow. However, Goku’s ki doesn’t drop but instead swells up even higher?!

There will be no Episode on March 11th, 2018 due to another Marathon.

Titles for the episode 130, 131 are provisional that is the wordings may change but the meaning will remain the same.

Episode 130, “The One and Only Super-Decisive-Battle” Releasing March 18, 2018 (March 11 will be a holiday due to some Marathon, therefore, no telecast that day)

Episode 131, “Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again” Episode will air on March 25, 2018.

Also, when John Oppai (Owner of Anime LIve Reactions) tweeted about Goku vs Jiren Final Battle, Funimation commented that their money is on the ‘Silver Fox.’

Toshio (A writer of Dragon Ball Super) drew a Photo of Goku New Form:

Toshio draws Goku with a word on his back, meaning “extreme” or “to master”.

Episode 130 release date: March 18, Episode 131 release date: March 25

This new form of Silverish hair is just called ‘Ultra Instinct’, the earlier form of Dark Blue Aura (shown in earlier episodes) is called Ultra Instinct Omen or the Symptoms of Ultra Instinct.

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