Hey, everyone, Finally Dragon Ball Super ended with Episode 131. We got many new things in it, the animation quality was superb, and the most important thing is that they were able to beat Jiren and wish every Universe back. DBS had a happy ending.

There won’t be an episode 132 or any series soon but they just teased a comeback as Vegeta said, “A Saiyan has no Limits”. And if a more powerful villain arrives they will fight. All of the images belong to TOEI Animation, we don’t own them.

Dragon Ball Franchise hasn’t ended, moreover, they have come up with a movie trailer and a Game for smartphones. We may get a new season in 2019, who knows. Freeza, all other Universes got resurrected, there are many possible arcs for the future.

Android 17’s wish was the best part, though we expected that everyone will be back, 17 showed us a true Human Spirit. He is the real MVP for us. No wish could have superseded this ultimate kind of wish. 17 was shown greatly in limelight in Super. I will give a 9/10 rating to this ending.

Jiren finally lost, but what if he would have won? He would have asked for a selfish wish and Omni King would have erased everything as said by the Grand Priest. Jiren was definitely OP, at last, he had a smile when he was getting erased.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

Freeza being resurrected by Whis was definitely a surprise, this means Whis have the power to give life to a dead person. This was something unique though.

The shot below was amazing, Goku still had the power to stand and help to nullify the blast by Jiren. The animation was Superb nothing less was expected from Yuya Takahashi.
Goku Until the day we meet again!!

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