Hello, everyone, we have all the Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Leaked Images. Episode 131 English Sub will release tonight. We hope they will give a great Climax to it. Toyotaro the DBS Manga writer said that the final episode will be so awesome that it will make you cry.

This is a request to everyone to watch the Episode till the end even after the ending song as there will be something special. And yeah, don’t expect anything less from 131 as it is animated by Yuya Takahashi (he animated 110, 123). These images belong to TOEI Animation and their respective companies, we do not own these images.

Looks like 17 will attack with 3 beams.

Looks like Goku is gonna have a hard time against the attacks.

Jiren’s usual eye attack.

Freiza and Android 17 giving their fullest to avoid the attack.

Goku getting into some action.

Everyone is a bit surprised, what would have happened?

Great Animation by Yuya Takahashi.

Freiza out of energy due to the high amount of energy consumption by Golden Form.

DBS Game

The new DB app game will be titled “Dragon Ball Legends”. Further details on the game will be revealed tomorrow on Nicovideo. Bandai Namco revealed gameplay of their NEW 1v1 PvP Dragon Ball Legends 3D Video Game for iOS & Android, releasing in 2018. Dragon Ball Legends footage was shown during the Google Developer Day at GDC 2018 Livestream.

DBS Movie

During the live stream to promote the upcoming mobile video game Dragon Ball Legends, Bandai Namco shared the first teaser/trailer for this year’s forthcoming Dragon Ball Super theatrical film on 14th December 2018. Also, the animation would be different.

The new villain is shown in the Dragon Ball Super Movie.

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