Dragon ball super episode 85 English Subbed


Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 Spoilers

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 Spoilers are out and we have some information on android 17.  This comes straight from Japan DBS clubs. We are told that Android 17 is actually a nice guy now. He works in a national park as a guard, Who doesn’t stand down in front of poachers. He is married to a zoologist and has a kid of his own and two adopted ones.

He doesn’t want to share his life with anyone else as he thinks it’s shameful to have a life so peaceful, He lives in solitude. We also have the names of 17 and 18 before the lost their pure human form- An 17 is Lapis and An 18 is Lazuli. We also are told that they are not immortal but age really slow. If you were a fan of the cell saga then probably ep 85 and 86 is just for you.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85-86 Spoilers
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Dragon Ball Super Episode 85:

Title: “The Universes Get Into Gear: Each One’s Thoughts”

Air Date: April 9th, 2017

So is android 17 a nice guy!?

The Universes get into gear: Each one’s thoughts, Goku visits the god Dende in order to learn the location of No.17 meanwhile the Kaioshins of all universes participating in the Tournament of power gather in Universe 11.

What may they be discussing? Hey, all are super powerful, can it be a way to let no universe get destroyed?

Dragon Ball Super Title Episode 86

Title: Yet to be released!

Air Date: April 16th, 2017

Recently, a magazine Shonen Jump published a teaser page dedicated to Android 17’s comeback; as followed by Crunchy Roll. The advertisement gives fans a big hint in an image of the character illustrating that he will appear in “Dragon Ball Super” which confirms that Android 17 will return in episode 86; making confirmations that he will make his appearance on April 16, 2017.

As “Dragon Ball Super” Universe Survival is now focusing on the Tournament of Power where losers will be damned and their universe will be destroyed. Well, Android 17 isn’t going to let that happen which fans can now expect that the past villain will be making his comeback to defend his universe after all.