Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers
God of Destruction of Universe 9 will be going to assassinate Freiza

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94: Frieza to be assassinated?!

We all Know Frieza is going to be the tenth member of team Goku for now. In fact, Goku himself visited hell to get Frieza. In the preview of Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers, it is clear that God of Destruction of Universe 9 will be going to assassinate Frieza.

Here’s the twist, Frieza is strong as per the talk between Goku’s friends and due to spies sent by the Universe 4 which listened to their conversation and told Universe 9 about him, and probably I think they can take him down even before he enters the tournament.

So here’s your spoiler warning. There are two spoilers that have come up in recent dates, the first being a tiny one where it is told Goten and Trunks are going to take care of the island Android 17 works on.

The other one is a massive one which says Frieza will have to face Universe 9 God of Destruction Sadra or someone who would want to see Frieza a little more dead before even entering the Tournament like Universe 4 God of Destruction.

Why does Universe 9 want to do this?

Apparently, the God of Destruction of Universe 9 hates Goku and axiomatically Universe 7 so much that he wants that Universe 7 must get weakened before even entering the tournament by taking down one of their members or at least Frieza.

So could it be a plot to bring Majin Buu back from sleep? The trailer does show Buu with all the other team members, is the thing we all are thinking right now possible?

Remember the time when Goku was to enter a martial art tournament and few bad guys, knew about his power level, and tried to take him down before he entered the tournament? Deja vu?

We are pretty sure, Frieza won’t face a God right away and it might be Universe 9 hires Hit to do the killing but anyway, It is known Frieza would be in the crosshairs of Universe 9’s God of Destruction. It also could be that Universe 9 is scared of Frieza’s power.

Admit it Frieza’s Golden form is actually a little overpowered, taking him down before the tournament would definitely weaken the whole team.

This of course if Frieza entered team Goku without any mischievous terms and just resurrection. Whatsoever happens we are sure that Episode 94 is just going to be a tip of an iceberg considering the whole of a storyline attached to it.

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