Howdy, everyone, today Dragon Ball Heroes teased Goku’s new form fighting with Jiren and also an Extended trailer for Episode 129 was released, Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 English Sub will release on March 3rd USA time (Saturday) and March 4th Asia Time (Sunday).

Dragon Ball Heroes Goku New Form Leaked Video:

Here is the New Extended Trailer for Episode 129 of 1-minute duration released by TOEI.

Translation of the subs by Herms98:

“Heya, this is Goku. With the fate of the universe on the line, the Tournament of Power reaches its final showdown. Jiren displays unlimited power, surpassing those I’ve battled before like Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, or Buu; he truly is the strongest opponent. Still, for the sake of my comrades who have fought alongside me, and for the sake of everyone waiting back on Earth, I can’t give up now. When faced with a truly desperate situation, my whole body starts glowing silver. The true Ultra Instinct, greater then the Ultra Instinct up until now, finally goes into action. The strongest vs the strongest: an unprecedented ultimate final battle begins! What exactly is this ‘true Ultra Instinct’? And who will be left standing at the end: me? Or Jiren? Don’t miss the shocking developments in this moment of supreme climax. Dragon Ball Super airs 9 AM (Japan) every Sunday. Be sure and watch!”

Titles for the episode 130, 131 are provisional that is the wordings may change but the meaning will remain the same.

Episode 130, “The One and Only Super-Decisive-Battle” Releasing March 18, 2018 (March 11 will be a holiday due to some Marathon, therefore, no telecast that day)

Episode 131, “Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again” Episode will air on March 25, 2018.

Episode 129 Leaked Image below: (129 will release on March 4th)

Also, when John Oppai (Owner of Anime LIve Reactions) tweeted about Goku vs Jiren Final Battle, Funimation commented that their money is on the ‘Silver Fox.’

An image of Goku Ultra Instinct from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 below.


This new form of Silverish hair is just called ‘Ultra Instinct’, the earlier form (above pic) of Dark Blue Aura (Shown in Episode 109, 116) is called Ultra Instinct Omen or the Symptoms of Ultra Instinct.

Goku, Until We, Meet Again!!

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