Goku Ultra Instinct

Hey all! Today’s episode was kinda emotional one. No one ever imagined Android 17’s sacrifice. But moving on to this blog, I will be discussing the Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 -“Mastering Ultra Instinct” and Goku’s Ultra Instinct new design which was revealed.

As there are 3 minutes and 3 warriors left, Freiza is sleeping for now and Vegeta is going to battle up against the Full power Unleashed Jiren even when Vegeta has crossed his physical limits. In the end of Episode of 128, Vegeta will fall from the stage leaving Freiza and Goku fighting against Jiren.

Thanks to the Spoilers, they have revealed in the last 2 minutes of Tournament of Power Jiren will start fighting all out making Goku cornered in a situation where he needs to activate Ultra Instinct in mastered form.

The officials have also released a poster in context of this on the one year anniversary of Universal Arc. Goku is in his original Gi with chest part shredded and naked surrounded by Blue Aura identical of What Ultra Instinct have.

Now the main thing is that why they are hiding Goku’s mastered form in these Posters. Probably the upcoming form will be different in looks from the previous form that’s why

At the start of Universal Tournament Arc, officials released a background view of Ultra Instinct which has more Spikey hairs than of normal Ultra Instinct.

Before the Episode 109 & 110, Toei had released a Video showcasing the Mastered Ultra Instinct surrounded by Blue Aura and Red at the upper side.

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