Goku Ultra Instinct
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Hey all, the Tournament of Power is almost at its end as only 13 minutes are left. There are 19 fighters left now and 4 universes are already erased.

So, I know you all are waiting for coming back of Ultra Instinct Omen, the state even gods can’t master. The Ultra Instinct was first introduced in episode 110 and back in 115. We have just got a big news for you!

Goku Ultra Instinct will be back! First before getting further to the post you need to know who Yuya Takahashi is!

He is actually an animator, writer and production supervisor of Dragon Ball Super, He is known for his work as Key animator in several major and important episodes like 110, 114 and is hired for Episode 122. Now what a key animator is?

key animator is the artist responsible for producing the principal key frames of an animation. Basically key animators draw the essential frames that mark a distinct position or expression of a character in a particular scene. In other words, they draw the structure of a animated scene.

He has worked on several shows and animes like fairy Tail, Kamen rider and also on Dragon Ball Super And Dragon ball Z Kai. He is known for his amazing work in several  major episodes like Episode 13 “Goku Surpasses Super Saiyan God” The episode in which SSJ blue first was introduced and also for his work in Dragon Ball Z movie: Battle of Gods.

Now you are wondering what is his connection with Ultra Instinct?. He also have worked on episode 110 and 114 as a key animator.

And these were the episodes in which we saw Ultra Instinct and you probably have noticed the difference in animation in these episodes. Moving ahead , the DBS production team has just hired him for the Animation of episode 122, which directly means that we are gonna have Ultra Instinct back in upcoming episode or may be something even better!

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