These dates and names are confirmed ones! Note: dates may differ due to the difference in time zones.

Episode 107 – Frost vs. Muten Roshi (Released)

“Revenge ‘F’! A Cunning Trap is Laid?!”

Air Date: 17th Sept 2017

Episode 108 – Will Freeza betray?

This episode is called “Freeza and Frost! Intersecting Evil?!” Freeza looks for his next opponent.

Air Date: 24th sept 2017

Episode 109 – Jiren vs Goku (One hour Special 109-110) There will not be any episode on 2nd of Oct 2017.

The installment is titled “The Strongest Enemy Bears Down on Goku! Now’s the Time to Fire! A Surefire Genki-Dama!!”

Air Date: 8th of October 2017

Episode 110 – Goku’s true Power. Same date: 8th Oct

The title for this episode is kept as “The Show me Goku! The Power of Super Saiyan God!”

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