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Hey everyone, it’s Jazz here, and today I have something Big for all of you here. This week will be full of big news as Shonen for January and info about future arcs will be revealed! Allow us to send you notifications for this, subscribe us! DBS just revealed a new character coming up next year in the Anime.

So, let’s get started. Special thanks to Anime Live Reactions, KenXyro, Herms98 for the information and images. Image of the Jump:

Dragon Ball Super Heroes is one the most selling arcade card game in Japan. Today they have revealed some new cards coming up soon, for next year and one of the cards is marked as unknown and there is written on it that this character is coming to Anime soon as translated by Herms98.

According to translations by kenxyro the caption is- “The character is yet to revealed in the anime”. It didn’t reveal who actually the character is!

Now it means there will be a new character coming up in the anime, Also, we have tweet from Goveta, here is what he says about this:

According to GovetaXV from Twitter, this will be a character in the official anime series. This is really-really something big. A new character coming up for next arc is already on the way and may be revealed in upcoming 17th Jump Fiesta.

But the question is what character he/she may be. I do believe that this new character will be Ultra Instinct Vegeta. Vegeta has been trying hard to get Ultra Instinct in Tournament of Power also according to episode 122 tittled Vegeta is going to challenge the strongest Jiren and according to the episode 123 title someone between either Vegeta or Goku gonna have Perfect Ultra Instinct. 

Also, we have some more news, Dragon Ball Super Heroes also have released another image. Here is it, check it out.

Now look at the top middle in the above pic behind the Belmod. It’s actually looking like a Shenron but dark red-black color or what we can say it is Black Shenron. Maybe there is some sort of connection between the Black Shenron and the mysterious character.

We currently don’t have much information regarding this dragon, whether it will appear in the Anime or only appear in the Dragon Ball Heroes Game.

So what are your thoughts about this. Let me know your opinion in the comment box!

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