Dragon Ball Super is already giving major leaks everyday, this is a big reveal of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 29 which is yet to be released but we have got some leaks of that chapter from various sources.

The leaks show how powerful is the Grand Priest- he literally stops 2 Gods of Destruction fighting at full power with each other with just a finger. Here is that leaked picture below this paragraph! We have one more image in which Goku is a Super Saiyan and he is getting beaten by Toppo in the Zenoh Exhibition match! (Manga is behind the Anime and story has slight twists. In the manga Gods of Destruction fight each other in the exhibition match instead of fighters)

Here are the leaked pictures of Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 29:

The picture above shows how powerful is the Grand Priest and may be the real one above all. He stops the blows of the Gods by just using a finger on both sides! Quitela and Beerus fights each other and get wounded.

Picture below shows Goku getting kicked directly onto his groin by Toppo, just after the fight of all Gods of Destruction in the Exhibition match in the manga!

Manga is slightly behind anime and has some major twists in the story as it is written by Toyotaro and charcters are designed by Akira.

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