Howdy, everyone, yesterday Toei Animation Japan said that they will reveal some details in March about the upcoming movie releasing in December 2018 which will mainly focus on ‘Origin of Saiyans’.

Herms98 on twitter shared the information with the community, here is the screenshot below:

For those who don’t know about the initial announcement of ORIGIN OF SAIYANS 2018 December movie, see here below:

Some details on the Dragon Ball 2018 movie were released 2 months ago, movie is confirmed to be released on December of 2018 and it’s announcement at Jump Festa 2018.

Title: “The strongest warrior race in the universe, the Saiyans”. Special thanks to John from Anime Live Reactions Youtube for the thumbnail and Information!

The story will revolve around the Origin of the Saiyans, and feature a lot of Saiyan characters. Even more than usual! Once again, Toriyama will be doing the script and character designs. Will we see Yamoshi? Will we see the first and original Super Saiyan? Will we see the first Super Saiyan God?

Jump Festa is one of the biggest entertainment conventions in Japan with major Anime and Manga announcements. At every jump festa Toei makes big announcements.

It was even confirmed on TOEI website officially that day!

See more about the Movies in this video:

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