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Hello, everyone, it’s been a long time since any major new news for Dragon Ball Super. But here is it now, we finally have the Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 New Designs. More information too will be released soon in the upcoming week.

These character designs were released today for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie releasing on 14th December 2018. Here are the Dragon Ball Super The Movie Character Designs for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, and Picollo. We will be getting an unforgettable DBZ like Animation.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Designs

This poster also reveals that the story will continue just after the DBS anime ended on April 25th, 2018 as the movie will feature Beerus and Whis, which clearly states that enemies too will be powerful and godly. For more information on the DBS movie 2018, check here.

Dragon Ball Super Manga News

Dragon Ball Super Manga will be getting its latest Chapter 36 by 20th May. Here is the Promo.

Dragon Ball Heroes News

As per Shonen Dragon Ball Heroes (Japan Exclusive game) will be receiving a new promotional anime! Details are very less at this moment, anyway, things should become clear as translations become available. For now, it seems that the anime will cover the same arc that the games we’re currently on, so the poster is shown here is promoting both the game and the anime!

Image by ShonenGamez

There will be more updates at the end of this week stay tuned, make sure you all subscribe to our notifications.

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