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Howdy, everyone, there wasn’t much news this week though we got all Character Designs and DBS Movie 2018 Spoilers earlier. Yesterday, Dragon Ball Super Movie New Scans were Revealed and more News is there and I will update you all with it. Subscribe to our Reddit Community for the latest updates. Currently, we don’t have translations for these scans, but it has some news scenes embedded in it. We are very sad to tell you that the Japanese voice actor Unshō Ishizuka of Mr.Satan/Professor Oak in Pokemon is no more.

 Dragon Ball Super Movie New Scans

Also, visit the official site of Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018. The movie story outline of the New Saiyan (Broly) was revealed earlier.

Vegeta will go Super Saiyan Red God as per the character scans, of course, this transformation is not as strong as blue but it consumes less stamina and can be switched with Blue while attacking which is efficient and fast.

DBS: Broly director Tatsuya Nagamine. As Toriyama gives Broly more characterization, Nagamine (Director of the Movie) focuses on making him look super strong with various techniques. There are about 300-400 sheets of the storyboard for Broly’s actions. Nagamine is the Director of the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie.

On the usual suspects: Goku is already pretty close to being a god, and Vegeta is desperately trying to catch up. This time Freeza shows particular growth. He wants to be on top but is pondering how he can with Beerus and co. around. Is his ambition to defeat the Omni-King?!

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39

DBS Manga Chapter 39 will feature Master Roshi using something similar to Ultra Instinct and be dodging Jiren by it. Champa’s Universe will get erased as Vegeta defeats Toppo, see images below. Gohan will beat Kefla in the Manga. Goku will get Ultra instinct symptoms finally.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 39

Vegeta fighting against Toppo with max power.

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