Dragon Ball Super New Ending is the most rocking one as compared to past endings and this time it will be double the thrill when it will make its debut after the One-hour Episode of Goku vs Jiren on October 8. Special thanks to KenXyro and Yonkou Productions for the scans, translations and latest news.

The Dragon Ball Super Ending 10 song preview is here, it is so rocking and you won’t believe me but that preview already crossed millions of views in just a day (I listened to it several times and I’m still listening to it). Other than that, this Ending song is performed by the well-known team of Rottengraffty.

Name- 2017/10/04 sale ROTTENGRAFFTY long-awaited New Single “70 cm square window side” Music Video digest !!

ROTTENGRAFFTY 10/4 release Single title- “70 cm square window” is decided as the October ending theme of Fuji TV series animation “Dragon Ball Super”! On air starts on October 8 the one-hour episode!!

This ending song will Debut just after the Episode on October 8 which will feature a fight between Goku vs Jiren, The synopsis for this Fight says:

Goku’s Great Battle Against the Strongest Warrior Jiren starts!!

A one-hour special where you can watch two episodes back-to-back! Jiren- The Strongest Warrior stands in front of Goku! Even Goku’s 20x Kaioken stands no chance against him. That’s why Goku Unleashes his trump Card?! What could that trump card be?

Jump Scans this week shows amazing things like Goku’s Kaioken x20 is nothing compared to Jiren, the birth of Goku’s New Form and also Spirit Bomb! Moving on to to the one-hour special episode which will be airing on the 8th of October.

Thanks to DBZ Exclusives facebook page.

A bargain of 1-hour special where you can see two episode worth of amazing footage all in one go plus a new ending theme song! We can almost expect Dragon Ball Super to make up worth for making us wait for the week before this episode.

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