Dragon Ball Super New Opening


Dragon Ball Super New Opening

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(The lines of the opening are given in bold and then their deep analysis are given below, so Enjoy the Dragon Ball Super new opening analysis.)

Go Go Go! Start your hype and ride it to space, join the craze that sweetens’ the place.

A much indicated towards the grand priest the rainmaker of this arc. So here’s the analysis the first few lines is just the usual motivational lyrics that Dragon ball has ever given us. The most surprising thing in the first frame is android 17! I mean what da! Why and what is doing in team Goku? anyways… we ought to see some Krillin and his brother-in-law moment. Coming back to the song

Watch me hold it come unfold it, Now I’ll laugh as loud as can be, Mixed up thoughts mean nothing to me.

This line has kept me confused as changing the speaker will change the meaning. If the Omni king speaks them it may mean … he is talking about the universe and if it is Goku speaking them it may mean about the urge to grow his power to the next level. In any circumstance, there is no room for mixed up thoughts when it’s your universe at stack. I personally believe it’s the grand priest who is speaking the lines. The strongest when it comes to independent decision making as while there are two Omni kings there has to be someone who has to be the decision-maker and for him mixed up thoughts mean next to nothing.

Satisfaction kills the action, boredom takes the town, tries to weigh me down, don’t be tethered don’t be weathered try one try let’s fly high

These lines cant be from anyone but Goku, the only one who seemed bored about not having to fight for his universe. These could be a pep talk to Vegeta who now says he will not train with Whis when his daughter is going to be born but is seen practicing in full gravity in the trailer. But again, when seen from the perspective of the grand priest its just a little scary. True that the Omni King(S) was the one who was bored and wanted to hold this tournament for their amusement. And their angel may be speaking to the teams to try or have themselves erased.

Time we ditch the ground, wild wings around, won’t believe what we’ll see in time seems like the door is always locked, what we could be forever blocked, no need to fret, I’ll break it yet and there will be nothing left but rock.

This may be the badass priest talking about the gate to time travel! In the video, we see the two omni kings one in red and one in blueish color which are the polar opposites as in evil and angel opposite now this all happened because of time travel the gate which is suppose to be locked and if in along the way there is about between the two Omni kings the only one who decides the game is the priest and seeing the lyrics I say there is a big probability that it will involve time travel and later shutting down the gates to time travel forever by some way. May be locking the evil Omni king forever in some other timeline.

Pull out a super limit break, you know it’s all piece of cake, you’re gonna see a better me, the universe will surely shake, right here on dragon ball super the gods we face will all be blown away!

These lines surely mean that there are few pretty cool transformations we will get to see, the Goku black like and the God Piccolo transformation is one of my speculations, make sure to check them out. The universe is going to shake and in fact, there will be one god who will be destroyed in the coming weeks! The gods we face will all be blown away… now that we know that’s just a phrase, as the 4 universes are exempted from being turned to nothing.

What makes me wonder is that if there is a real fight of evil vs the angel, the real bout of Omni kings how will the 12 universes survive even remaining near them.!

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