Howdy, everyone, In this article I will be talking about what the possible Arcs could be if Dragon Ball Super continues after the Tournament of Power.

Currently every minute that passes in the Tournament of Power consumes an entire episode, if this pace is maintained then this Arc will last till January-February or maybe more than that who knows.

This is just a speculation of course, it is not necessary that after Tournament there will be a new arc. If they will continue the story after the Tournament of Power there are various possible scenarios, here are the best possible scenarios:

Beerus vs Goku rematch – This maybe a possibility if Goku reaches Ultra Instinct again. That would be really amazing to see.

Arc related to the other 4 leftover strong Mortal level universes. It will be a great deal for fans, as we may get to see stronger mortals.

Before Goku left for the tournament, Dende mentioned that Reincarnation of Evil Majin Buu already took birth in a village. Therefore we may get ‘Uub’ arc.

We may get to see Goku get more friendly with the ‘Omni Kings’ and possibly Grand Priest, and an arc related to Grand Priest can take place but that is very unlikely. Or an arc related to the God who created everything.

An arc related to the ‘Time Breakers’ which already appear in the Dragon Ball Heroes. Time Breakers appearĀ  with high on screen time in the Dragon Ball heroes (A Japanese game). As Dragon Ball Heroes showed the fusion of Zamasu with Black for the first time we can take this idea of the arc from it.

Well Akira Toriyama is unpredictable. Toyotaro, Toei Animation always put the things in the story which create hype among fans. They all make the story in a way that is mostly unpredictable, or for which no one can ever think of.

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  1. These possibilities are great but the best possibility is that Goku and Vagita go to planet sadala of universe 6 after winning the tournament of power and Vagita also said in one of DBS episode that he is going to use super dragon ball to bring back universe 6 Sayan planet.

  2. Masako Nozawa (goku voice actor in DBS) once mentioned that they are only making 200 epispdes and I wish they increse it to 700…
    So It is sure that DBS will have minimum 200 episodes… And TOP is not going to last this long… So there will absolutely be 1 or 2 more arcs and they possibly will be about the 4 universes currently not in TOP and grand priest… Becuse Akira Toriyama will not end the series as long as there is someone above goku either it is grand priest or omni king or anyone else…

  3. When they all get back to earth from the tournament of power, they find out that something happened to earth, or the remaining universes. Maybe people like Trunks and Goten go missing.

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