Dragon Ball Super one hour episode spoilers

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In this 1-hour special episode. fans will get to watch the action as the fate of all the universes will be decided. This is an ambiguous comment to make as if Jiren and Goku were the only remaining fighters.

I am still not convinced this arc will mark the end of 7 whole universes. The other universes would already have been erased is what one can conclude from the comment.

Does this mean there is a way for the other universes to return? Fan theories do suggest that this could turn out to be a thing… though it is too hard to say for sure. See this:

Link: https://twitter.com/Herms98/status/901982190048657410

In addition, Sakurada confirmed that Goku and Jiren will be the last two remaining fighters in his comment. This could have to be assumed by a lot of fans already, Trailer does indicate would be the case. The Universe 11 fighter will be Goku’s strongest opponent yet, which I don’t think is worth mentioning given even in his Blue form Goku has already surpassed all his enemies, and it would be just fair to say fans are already seeing glimpses of his strength. Jiren has been pretty quiet in the Tournament of Power so far, however, he was easily able to stop Kale’s new form which Goku did mistake measuring and had to break a sweat.

a few weeks ago. This proved Jiren is not someone you want to mess with and is easily Universe 11’s trump card as mentioned by the Gods of universe 11 more than once.

The fate of Universe 7 and 11 will be on bet here and I am oddly rooting for Jirin, if you look deep into Sakurada’s word, apparently the other universes too have some connection to this fight, which must not really matter to them, This 1-hour DBS special would surely hold an epic battle of survival, with fans still desperately waiting to see the fight between Goku and Jiren take place. Com’on who is not!?

This is straight translated from the announcement by Hiroyuki Sakurada:

“History’s mightiest “Tournament of Power” is being held in Dragon Ball Super to decide the fate of all the universes. Starting in October, it, at last, reaches a turning point as Goku finally faces off with his strongest opponent, Jiren. From there on out it will truly be a continuous run from Goku and co.’s big battle to the climax.

And to kick it off, Dragon Ball Super will be airing a “1-Hour Autumn Special” on October 8th. Unprecedented surprises are in store, so please look forward to it. Plus, with Dragon Ball Super powering up in this super-climax and One Piece heating up in celebration of its 20th anniversary, a collaboration between these two great Sunday anime is finally becoming a reality. It’s a dream visual symbolizing the two great anime as if Goku and Luffy were on an adventure together!”

Link: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2017/08/27/one-piece-and-dragon-ball-super-october-2017-television-specials-first-promotional-video/

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