Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

Hello, Dragon Ball series fans. It’s been a while Dragon Ball Super is on break and fans are waiting for Dragon Ball Super Season 2. Around the globe, Dragon Ball Super is very popular. As a result, this series has the highest number of fans all across the board. Season 2 might be the biggest fan base in history.

Though there is various news about Dragon Ball Super Continuation. All the news was denied by TOEI animation. Here we will discuss everything you need to know and the upcoming season.


Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

After the breath-taking fight scenes, the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of power amazed us. While fans are waiting for Season 2 wholeheartedly after a really long break from Dragon Ball.

As of now, there is no information about Season 2 from the studio. Though Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date is not confirmed officially. We have a hope that we may receive news regarding the continuation of the series this year. After a series is this popular, writers will never let it down after huge sales.

Goku will find a unique way to show the start again in every Season. Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will be going to release definitely in the future. There is no official news coming from the studio. Here we will discuss some possibilities.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Why the DBS Season 2 is on a halt?

If we view the issues in different parts, then we can understand them better. This will be a legit compilation of theories found on the internet. Some of these might be relevant about why DBS Season 2 is not released yet.

TOEI animation also released the One Piece film in 2019 and the One Piece anime is running continuously. All of the TOEI staff are working on the deadlines, this is the problem that all animation studios are facing. They will take those anime shows as they are getting popular.

As they take up more and they cannot handle all, which leads to a long break for another show. Here are some of the reasons why Dragon Ball Super 2 is late or known as 2uper.

Dragon Ball Manga – Due to the popularity of the Dragon Ball Super, Manga is overlooked. While anime got left behind with the manga boosting itself away with the storyline. There is a huge time gap between anime and manga. Manga readers are suffering from the pain of being far ahead of anime and spoiling their expectations with spoilers.

Focusing on the One Piece Movies and Wano Arc: TOEI is focusing these days on One Piece Movies and the Wano Arc which is a crucial arc of One Piece and currently, most of the team’s effort is going this way, and One Piece really contributes a lot to the share of earnings.

Dub is one of the Reasons: Dragon Ball Super English Dubbed show is very far behind compared to the Japanese release. So, most curious fans are switching to the Japanese version in very few are watching the English version. This results in a huge loss for dubbing companies and causing problems for the franchise.

Dragon Ball Movie Broly

And earlier they Focused on Dragon Ball Movie Broly at the same time and a lot of hard work to reach fan’s expectations. During this time as well staff are focusing on One Piece so Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is left behind.

 Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Possibility and Plot 

There is no way that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 won’t happen at least for now, but it will happen in the near future. It should cover so many things there are missed out in the prequel. Though the manga has chosen to proceed in a different path away from the Dragon Ball Super series. We can expect season 2 is going to deviate from the storyline. The decision will be in hands of TOEI but they might adapt the manga with some twists just like earlier.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Plot

As per the news, DBS Season 2 will most definitely feature Vegeta Keeping his promise to Cabba and visit Planet Sandal. After the tournament, Vegeta Promises to show Sandal but unfortunately, the season ended.

Fans expect DBS Season 2 to follow the arc and continue its course of action on the way. It may also feature the past destruction of god’s. As described earlier Dragon Ball Super Second Season will follow a different script.

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