Howdy, everyone, there is a big question going on among the whole Dragon Ball Super Community about how the ‘Potara earrings’ will be allowed in the Tournament of Power. Therefore, today I am going to discuss about it!

For those who don’t know that in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 preview we just saw Kale and Caulifla using Potara Earrings to fuse with each other on the stage of the Tournament of Power.

Here 2 basic questions come to our mind: First how the Potara Earrings are allowed on the stage (I will answer it below this para), and second is whether they have earrings with them inside their pockets (could be a secret plan by Champa), or will they get it from Kaioshin?

I will be dissecting the rules related to weapons, as per announced by the Grand Priest here:

Yeah you read it right, weapons other than techniques may not be used, which also means that there is no restriction on items which are related to techniques and Potara is not a weapon.

It is just an item with which one can technically fuse to increase their power exponentially. You can see the full rules in the video below:

From where they will get the Potara Earrings on the middle of the stage?

I hardly doubt that Kaioshin will give the earring from outside of the fighting stage, I don’t think he can help them by giving them some item from outside. Hence, it must be in their pockets or so.

But there is one argument to this, do Kaioshins have extra earrings? Because from the earlier episodes, we can notice that their Universe Kaioshin is still wearing his earrings. This image below is from Episode 111.

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