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Howdy Everyone, I’m back and we have some breaking News that Titles of the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super Episode – 120,121,122 are out from an unknown source, so this news is not yet confirmed. Warning: These are not yet Confirmed from the Shonen! Let’s get started without further delay.

Episode 120 – Perfect Survival Strategy! The Deadly Assassin Of Universe 3 !!

In this episode maybe Universe 7 will try to come up with a plan to beat Universe 4 hidden warriors and survive the tournament of power and most probably Universe 7 would have to deal to with Universe 3’s Assassins and I think that they are going to be a major trouble for Universe 7.

Episode 121 – All-out War ! The four-way fusion vs all-out attack of Universe 7 !!

In this episode all remaining Universes are going in all out and attack remaining warriors and they might also reveal some warrior’s special trick which is fusion. And we might see a new four type fusion and Universe 7 will be going all out on other Universes and will try to take them out.

This maybe the case

Episode 122 – Risking his pride! Vegeta Challenges the strongest !!

In this Vegeta will challenge the strongest warrior in the Tournament that is Jiren and in that Vegeta might get what he wants – Ultra Instinct just like Goku, thus Vegeta Ultra Instinct might happen. A Vegeta centered Episode!

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What do you think about this unconfirmed news tell in the comment section below. That’s all for this article, Thanks for reading, unconfirmed information though.

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