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Special credits to Anime live Reactions and Mastar Media for the source images! Yes, you heard it right Toei is going to introduce its first ever movies under super franchise in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Let’s talk about pieces of evidence. There are 3 new domains which have been registered under dragonball2018, dragonball2019, and dragonball2020 by a Japanese company bought from a Japanese domain name seller like Go Daddy.


It was registered by a Japanese company but they prevented their names to be revealed through domain privacy lock! Here is the image below of the whois of dragonball2018:

(Dragon Ball 2018 homepage of the Japanese registrar as the website is parked and nothing is installed on it currently!)

I know registering a domain is not a big deal but let’s have a look at history. If you search out for you will find out that its the official site for Dragon Ball: Battle Of Gods registered by Toei Animation.

(Dragon Ball 2013 homepage)

And when we look at http://www.dragonball2015 will find out that it’s official site of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F also registered by Toei.

All these domains suggest that the three other domains are also going to be the official sites for upcoming Dragon Ball Super’s first ever movies. Also, Toei has already confirmed that Super will not be limited to an anime series but it will be an extended franchise with movies, Tv specials, crossovers, games and maybe live actions (which we really don’t want to see).

Yet there are no official announcements by Toei itself but since the pieces of evidence have been around and spreading like fire, therefore, we wrote on this! Toei may reveal the truth later in the future.

For more information check out this video By John Oppai:

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