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Hey guys, the preview of episode 114 Kafla Vs Goku has been aired. It was seriously disturbing to see Potara fusion in the next episode preview although episode 113 was full of hype.

All of these episodes before Goku vs Jiren re-battle are the ones to build the character of Goku, he is getting stronger and stronger as they progress, and will pave the way to introduce the mastered form of Ultra Instinct again! And this time his energy and stamina will be high from the starting as earlier it was not the case.

Also, while fighting Kale and Caulifa’s combo attacks using SSJ form, Goku was able to dodge those attacks with persistence and less efforts. Also, all of this added to his fighting style which sharpened his accuracy and skills (Whis noticed it). We know that the ‘Ultra Instinct’ we saw in episode 110 was the raw form and are yet to see its mastered form with red and dark blue ki which will come by episode 118-120 based on our prediction. Goku is getting more and more excited and great power is getting build inside him while he fights more powerful characters.

We have some rumors that there will be a form which is perfected Ultra Instinct which has lighter blue ki and will be showcased during Jiren and Goku re-battle. It has been teased in the previews of Dragon Ball Super Heroes teasers 6,7.

There are some rumors that this form will be a stable form between the God Ki and Ultra Instinct technique.

What all these leaks, rumors and teasers reveal is that Goku is going to show us a ultimate powerful form and all these are the results of fighting with Kale and Caulifa and other fighters with whom Goku will fight before Goku vs Jiren re-battle.

There is a possibility that we are going to witness some powers of Ultra Instinct again as Goku is going to fight Kafura (the fusion between Kale and Caulifa) which will be a serious threat as he will be going to take both of them down single handedly as Gohan is fighting  with Universe 6 Namekians and Vegeta is busy with Toppo.

'Ultra Instinct' Isn't Goku's Final Form in Tournament of Power!

This picture is the only thing that is making everything clear now. Yep, Limit Breaker form’s hairs are spikier than that of the ‘Ultra Instinct’ technique. The above picture consist of a screenshot from Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 and the other one is from the leak revealed by the studio.

Image by Rmehedi

Now lets talk about the main difference excluding the spiky hairs of Limit breaker; And, it’s the shirt (He is wearing a shirt in the left one but on the right one it got teared apart, and which is the reason why I’m calling it a ‘before and after’ picture; their aura is different too but it isn’t a ‘spot the difference’ picture so I won’t take much time on it).

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