Dragon Ball Super Universal Tournament Saga Fighters – All you need to know about them :

Dragon Ball Super Universal Tournament Saga Fighters :

Last weekend, Dragon Ball Super left fans reeling when it kicked off a brand-new story arc. The ‘Universal Tournament Survival’ saga is off to an intriguing start as Goku foolishly asked Zen-Oh Sama to hold a grand martial arts event to test all the universes.

This is a theory with Proofs and isn’t spoilers all things are with evidence and references from Dragon Ball Super New opening, this is just for your information purposes exclusively here at Omni King.

So remember the Female Broly in the trailer of Universal Tournament Arc?

Wanna know that she is from which universe?

Here are all the answers for above Questions: The 4 fighters of that Clown God of destruction’s universe are to be highlighted. Firstly, she was shown in the trailer of the new arc in dragon ball super, you can notice her here in the new opening in this image:

She is behind the Clown God of Destruction, and she wears a red uniform like all other fighters of that universe that means she belongs to that Universe.

Furthermore, Goku is shown fighting with a tough fighter of the same universe somewhat shown in the image while he is ssj and then ssj god, still having a tough time beating him anyway, that girl Broly belongs to the same universe 11.


And the third fighter is of the same species that of Beerus and Champa as shown in the pic:

The Fourth Dancer like fighter pink in color, fighting with Vegeta ssj will also be of the same universe of the Clown God of Destruction. Let’s see what happens like our page for more exclusive news.

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