Dragon Ball Super SPOILERS – MAJOR REVEAL! The Universe 6 Mystery Fighters have been revealed and they are indeed – NAMEKIANS! The tournament of power is getting insane! All we need to put icing on the top is for Super Namekians to appear.


We know Universe 6 and universe 7 are counter part of each other, there are Saiyans Humans Frost and it seems they are the same universe with some other timeline events.

So could this mean Namekians of universe 6 are still evil? There is a fair possibility that they could be equivalent to King Piccolo. So see this image below:

Everyone’s favorite Namekian, Piccolo has a rather sordid past with a lot of the characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Originally an antagonist for Goku, intent on world domination, his plans changed when a more powerful threat arrived on the planet in the form of Raditz.

Universe 6 missing warriors are finally revealed! Also check Universe 2 missing warriors in the ending of this article below.

The two rivals teamed up to take the powerful Saiyan down at the cost of Goku’s life, and his willingness to fight on the side of justice has been cemented ever since. But is he alone?

Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 hidden fighters have now been revealed. They are two Namekians from Universe 6! Their names are Saoneru and Pirina. I predict we will see a Universe 6 Namekians vs Universe 7 Namekian. Piccolo vs Universe 6 Namekians.

Let’s get deeper into what information we have as the leak. The two mystery warriors who were shadowed out, they have now been revealed.

They seem shady by their looks, I am assuming one will be using speed as his major equipment and the other will be using his strength while Piccolo will have to take them down alone. We also have another character whose name is Dr.Rota.

A Doctor in the tournament of power? I personally am expecting something nerdy out of him.

We also have characters revealed from Universe 2. We have the pictures of the transformation of the two girls which were not previously known. Next, we have two characters are Pran and Harmira.

They don’t look much big of a challenge but after what the grand priest said, “…Now the strongest fighters remain on the stage…” We can expect them to be powerful enough to make the match worth watching.

Coming to universe 4 we still do not know who the two mysterious characters are. We do know one is going to come out from the ground, he must be some kind of driller or something may be he has abilities of actually going through any object, that would explain his existence very much flawlessly.

We have completely no idea about the other one. They must be characters of great importance given such suspense is maintained about them.

Get ready for August 20th for this Battle:



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