Hey everyone, the Dragon Ball Super episode 125 is now available at official sites. If you haven’t watched the episode then I suggest you to watch it before reading this article. This post contains spoilers for the upcoming DBS episode 126. Vegeta may surpass the new God of Destruction Toppo, Yes, you heard it right according to the spoilers, title, and preview we can say that!

In today’s episode 125 the justice warrior Toppo leaving his justice stuff, unleashed his Godly Ki making up his mind for the survival of Universe 11. Android 17 will fall

In the upcoming episode as shown in preview Vegeta is going to challenge the overwhelming God of Destruction Toppo and according to the title “Surpassing even the Gods- The desperate blow from Vegeta” suggests that he will surely gonna be Surpassing the new destruction form of Toppo and Vegeta will risk his life.

According to the spoilers Vegeta will be cornered by Jiren and Toppo and will face continuous blows from Jiren and then will be attacked By Toppo. These all-out attacks will leave Vegeta tired and weak and these all circumstances may trigger more Power in Vegeta.

There are chances of Vegeta ascending his Ultra Blue’s power to another level or maybe perfect his new form. Yet dragon Ball super doesn’t have revealed his new forms name nor its characteristics. Yet there are chances that this form is unperfect and it has many flaws. Vegeta may be able to take his form at another level in the upcoming episodes.

We know that Marcarita (Angel of Universe 11) trained Toppo as per today’s episode, but we also know that Whis has taught Vegeta, so the possibility of surpassing Toppo is still there. Don’t expect anything less from Goku and Vegeta.

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