Howdy everyone, I got some news, and it’s especially for all Vegeta fans out there, The writer of Dragon Ball Super, Toshio recently tweeted on Vegeta’s comeback.

It isn’t the first time someone commented on Vegeta’s comeback. Previously, the story writer of Dragon Ball Heroes said, “Vegeta has not gotten serious yet”

We have just got an exclusive news from Dragon Ball Super’s writer Toshio. The Vegeta fans special moment will come soon as we are going witness the comeback of Vegeta in tournament of power.

Toshio is a writer at Dragon Ball Super and he mostly talks with the Dragon Ball Community and answers almost every tweet to him.

Moving ahead let’s talk about the tweet.

As Toshio says he just have finished writing script and animation of paper work probably takes 3-4 months to get into the main anime, the episode will probably will be aired in mid January- February or maybe earlier.

As we all know Vegeta is fighting Toppo and in the latest episode we saw Vegeta getting crushed by him. Also the manga has revealed that Toppo has some special Ki attack which we saw during the fight with Son Goku in chapter 29 of the manga.

Also, Toppo is the second strongest fighter after Jiren from universe 11. We know that Toppo’s power level is beyond Goku’s  SSJ BLUE + Kaioken x10. He is the candidate for next God Of Destruction of universe 11 after retirement of Belmod as revealed in the manga and also on the website of Toei.

Toppo vs Vegeta is going to be a fight on another level. I mean, everyone noticed that Vegeta is surprisingly calm from the beginning of Tournament of Power. Well, it isn’t because he just trained in the Time Chamber.

It’s because he is indeed hiding something up his sleeves. And, we might see that after some episodes in Dragon Ball Super. I mean, after the studio animate the story written by the story-writers. (Story may get rejected by Toyotaro or Toei as it is dependent on their wish if they will like to put it in the anime or not) and also we are not sure that it will be Vegeta vs Toppo or somebody else!

What do you guys think? Is Vegeta really hiding something up his sleeves? Let me know in the comment section.


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