Description: General information about licensing in the Seychelles. What are the main steps you need to go through to obtain a permit? All useful information.


A few simple steps to obtain a license in the Seychelles


Seychelles has recently gained popularity in the financial business sector because this jurisdiction has loyal control, a transparent economic policy, low taxation, and a small cost part. To obtain a Seychelles Forex license, you must follow several steps, which we will describe below.

Introductory information

A forex permit held in this jurisdiction and obtained from the FSA (Financial Services Authority) allows brokers to carry out financial transactions, trade securities on behalf of their organization, or act as an agent.

The State Regulator controls the receipt of a special permit (certificate) for securities based on the current legislation (Law on Securities, 2007). Organizations registered in this jurisdiction are required to have this certificate to carry out the following legal activities:

  • provision of financial services on the Internet;
  • for conducting activities with securities (sale, purchase, and exchange) and conclusion of transactions;
  • to provide intermediary services (broker);
  • portfolio management;
  • provision of consulting services.

Obtaining a broker permit is easy and provides a profitable investment compared to other countries. The state fee will be 6300 US dollars. The minimum authorized capital requirement is 50,000 US dollars, which you will subsequently apply for the financial development of your organization. The licensing process is short and will last approximately 3 months.

The main advantages


Consider the main advantages that make ершы jurisdiction an attractive jurisdiction for obtaining a permit:

  • 1.5% corporate tax and no other taxes;
  • confidentiality is provided;
  • low cash costs for licensing;
  • period for obtaining a license is not more than 3 months;
  • loyal and transparent policy towards foreign companies;
  • access to the SWIFT system.

All this has a significant influence on investors when choosing a jurisdiction.

Licensing Requirements

First, you should register an organization in this jurisdiction with a minimum authorized capital of 50,000 USD. Further, you must appoint two managers and two shareholders with the appropriate qualifications and experience in this financial area. In addition, they must have an excellent reputation and have a certificate of no criminal record.

The actual office of the company must be located in this jurisdiction. To go through the licensing process, you must appoint a responsible person from your company, an officer responsible for compliance with all regulations, and a legal adviser. The registered organization should be insured.

Further, the regulatory body must approve the officer for audits one month after obtaining the license. Your organization’s infrastructure should provide for systematic financial reporting and auditing. And remember to pay government fees.

Step-by-step process


To pass your organization’s licensing, you must go through several steps, after which you can legally conduct a financial business here.

Register an organization

To obtain a Certificate of Registration, you must register with the local Registry and deposit 50,000 USD into your account. Before registration, you must have a physical office (provide a lease agreement).

Open a bank account

At the same time as obtaining the Company Registration Certificate, you need to open a bank account at a local bank. You will deposit authorized capital into this account and use it for your financial activities.

Provide a package of papers

You should fill out the application form and submit it along with a package of documents, including certified identity cards of the leaders, the charter of the organization, an office lease agreement, confirmation of an open bank account, and documents on shareholders and key managers of the company.

Fill out the application form

You will be given an application form for obtaining a license on the Regulator’s official website. Then the Regulator must check that all information is provided in full.

Submit an application

Simultaneously with applying for a license with the FSA, you need to pay government fees – 6300 USD. There are cases when there may be a refusal to license – if one of the requirements of the Regulator is not met.

Get a permit

When all 5 of the above steps satisfy the Regulator, permission will be obtained to issue a Forex license. Your application will be pending for approximately 3 months. If the provided package of documents needs to be completed, then the Regulator will require it to be supplemented with the necessary data.