eleceed chapter 177

Eleceed Chapter 177 will be here soon, and we cannot hold our excitement anymore. We have everything right here for you. From the release date to the plot to the manga spoilers- we have everything jotted down right here for you. Let us take a look then.

The manga has reached an interesting twist, and the plot is thickening as well. A new character shows up, and we are not too sure about her origin or backstory. Let us get a little more into details now.


Eleceed Chapter 177: Release Date

We expect Chapter 177 to be here by 17th January 2024. But, the original version is released in Korean, and the translations do take some time to arrive. We can read Chapter 177 by the 18th pr 19th of January.

Eleceed Chapter 177: Spoilers

Right now, we do not have any spoilers on our hands. But, we will be updating this page with all the details and news if we get them. But, the unknown character we see in the last chapter turns out to be Jiwoo’s mother.

We still do not know any of her powers. But, we do know that his mother is a cat lover as well. Fans are interested to know if there are any unrevealed powers in her.

Eleceed Chapter 176: A little recap

Even Julian is dumbstruck by what just happened, Jiwoo used his full strength and landed one strong punch which Julian was not expected. Thus by landing the first punch, Jiwoo was able to win the fight.

Jiwoo was declared the winner, but is he satisfied? A win is a win and the rules were set by Julian himself.

Kayden is very ecstatic by Jiwoo’s win. But according to some famous theories online, Jiwoo will request a second match for sure. It will be very shameful for Julian to return a loser just after making his debut.

This is all we have on the latest chapter of Eleceed. We will be updating this page with more once we get our hands on them. You might want to follow us for more anime and manga-related content. You might like to read: Blue Period Season 2.