Eren's latest form is a Final Titan? AOT Update

The Titans that plagued the world of Attack On Titan are some of the most fear-inducing creatures in all of manga history. But none so frightening as Eren Jaeger’s final Titan form. Eren first realized he had the power of a Titan after he was eaten by one in his first-ever Titan-killing mission.

Since then, he has used his mysterious power to fight for humanity’s survival. Battling Titans of all forms and even battling other people with the Titan transformation ability. In the series’ final arc, Eren pushes the limits of his power and becomes the very thing he once swore to destroy in a horrifying fashion.


Eren Final Form Titan

The title of Eren’s closing monstrous type from Attack on Titan has lastly been confirmed.

In a put-up on the franchise’s official Twitter, it was revealed the skeletal abomination, which is a mix of the Attack Titan, the Founding Titan, and the War Hammer Titan, known as Shubi no Kyojin (roughly translated to the Final Titan). The title comes immediately from sequence creator Hajime Isayama himself. Also included was the duvet artwork for the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD launch of Attack on Titan: The Final Season – Part 2. The picture reveals Mikasa and Armin staring down a child-version of Eren at the entrance of the tree of Paths with the Final Titan looming menacingly above their heads.

Eren’s New Attack Titan Form

For a long time, we have been hearing about the true powers of the Attack Titan and Founding Titan and how they can change the world. But there are very few instances where we were introduced to the two Titans mixed together until now. Eren is set to kill everyone outside Paradis Island, considering them his enemies. Behind the multitude of Titans walking to destroy the land outside Paradis, Eren is controlling those Titans.

In his new form, Eren’s Titan looks scarier than ever before. He is far taller than the other Titans and has green demonic eyes. The facial formation is the same as before, with long ears, an elongated nose, and a skinless jaw. The below body has a skeletal structure that the Founding Titan is supposed to have.