These types of essays are sometimes referred to as cases in the business sector; in them, a corporation explains how they have overcome a particular challenge, settled a dispute, expanded as an entity, increased revenue, etc. When it comes to business writing, cases are the most popular type of material, especially when it comes to promotion because readers enjoy reading true stories, even ones involving businesses.

Today, though, we’ll concentrate on essays students write in high school or college, which are different kinds of writing on real-life experiences. These essays are distinctive from others in that, among other things, you are permitted to write in the first person, which is uncommon for academic writing tasks.

We all enjoy discussing our life experiences from time to time, so writing should not be all that different. When you first see the assignment, you might think, “What? Isn’t it the simplest assignment ever to finish?”

To get top grades, you must adhere to certain norms and principles when writing an essay based on real-world experiences. Here, we’ve included some of the most helpful advice that we received from the write my papers service professionals that can help you complete this project on time and produce an excellent outcome.


How to Write an Essay about Experiences from Real Life


First, don’t worry; we won’t change your story; instead, you can use the words you like to describe what happened and infuse the narrative with any sentiment you deem worthwhile. The story’s framework and organization, however, could alter slightly. In order to write a compelling essay about the real-world experience, you must:

  1. Describe a situation. Context is an incredibly strong weapon. The same event occurring at several points in time and space will elicit various associations, sensations, etc. It would be best if you described the environment as accurately as you could for your viewers to feel invested in what happened to you. You are aware that your professor will be your only audience when you write an essay for school, but you should still consider a larger audience as if you were writing for an online publication.
  1. First-person writing is preferred. So why blow this opportunity, which is rare in the realm of academic writing? You are a personalized, thoughtful tour guide which takes your reader through your recollections. But remember that experience rarely just consists of your reflection; include others in your story.
  1. Clarify the conflict. Additionally, avoid writing about an experience that is devoid of conflict. A story is not a story if there is no conflict. Most likely, any event considered valuable also involved some sort of misunderstanding, dispute, issue, lack of information, struggle, or fight. Going out to get ice cream, buying it, enjoying it, and going back home to carry on with your routine are not stories about genuine life experiences; they are just some uninteresting events you would rather not discuss.
  1. Be sincere and genuine. If you try to apply some significant lessons to a trivial narrative, it will come off as shallow and foolish. Your perceptions and emotions should align with the actual “magnitude” or, maybe more accurately, the importance of the event.
To improve productivity, delegating some tasks to ( is more than typical in the actual world. It may indicate that you are not up for a challenge or have too much on your plate if reading these requirements for a real-life experience essay makes you feel pressured or bored.

In this situation, you might ask one of the best essay writing services for qualified help with your assignments. You will briefly describe your experience and provide guidelines, and an experienced writer will turn it into a high-quality essay with a distinct structure and no instances of plagiarism.

Best Practices for Writing an Essay on a Real-Life Experience


To create a successful essay about life experience, you do not need to adhere to a particular format or narrative. There are three main alternatives.

  • Chronological. You recount the entire incident in detail, from beginning to finish, and then add some additional reflections. In this manner, the environment where the whole story began is also explained in your introduction paragraph. You cannot change your mind midway down this journey. Continue explaining the events and your feelings about them chronologically rather than jumping to conclusions in the middle of your essay or changing the plot.
  • Centered on conflict resolution. You describe the overall context before expressing the disagreement and its solution. This idea is the foundation of the majority of business cases. Please refrain from viewing a disagreement as calling for shouting, violence, etc. It can be about roadblocks in your path. For instance, you may encounter a number of challenges when attempting to enroll in a famous scholarship program. In the end, you either succeed or fail, and consider the result.
  • Reflective. You talk about the incident that shaped you and affected your entire psychology, your life decisions, and your general behavior. In this instance, your changes, feelings, and thoughts matter; as such, you give them more room and succinctly and convincingly express the experience that gave rise to them.

It is challenging to decide which structure to utilize because you cannot suddenly change your opinion in the middle of writing since that would ruin the structure and make the work appear odd.

Consider the tale you intend to tell and honestly assess it. If the question is more action-based, such as “he said that, I thought that, I did that,” etc., and the order is essential, go with choice 1.

Use the second one if you had to overcome challenges or there was a disagreement. Use the third one if your thoughts and feelings over the experience matter most.

An essay is used to assess both your academic writing abilities and the level of your critical thinking. This article discussed several important factors to take into account when writing an essay based on actual experience that will help you to make a truly outstanding essay.  Good fortune!