Employers around the world have been using different software for business management and employee monitoring.

The use of this advanced technology facilitates them to streamline business operations and prevent workers from unproductive acts. We have reviewed here the most advanced spy software for personal computers.

The software is particularly designed for small and large scale business organizations to keep track of company-owned computer devices used by workers. The monitoring software for computers lets you spy on every single activity performed on the device in real and scheduled time.

Using this high-tech employee monitoring solution, employers can monitor and evaluate the performance of the workforce and enhance their productivity by restraining them from unproductive chores.

TheOneSpy Spy Software for PC

TheOneSpy provides complete monitoring solutions to businesses for managing their workers working inside and outside the workstation.

The software offers scores of features letting users supervise and manage the use of personal computers running Windows OS.

From distantly capturing the computer screen to supervising the internet usage and surround monitoring, several useful features allow keeping track of every single moment of workers spent in the workstation. Read on to know about the core features of the employee surveillance software.

Capture Computer Screen

Do you want to see what your workers are doing on their computers? Whether they are executing the assigned task or not?

Are they killing the working hours doing unnecessary acts? The spy software for PC lets you capture the computer screen of your employees. To witness and record the real-time computer activities, you need to send a command to the targeted computer for screen recording.

On receiving your remote command, the monitored device starts capturing whatever appears on the screen in the form of a short video. The spyware software also offers screenshots to capture the computer screen with a particular interval.

Turn on MIC

The surveillance software for windows computers lets you listen to the chit chat of your workers without letting them know.

By turning on the microphone of their monitored computers, you can listen to the surrounding sounds for as long as you want. You can turn on the MIC by sending remote commands through the web portal of the monitoring software. It lets you know if your workers are engaged in unproductive talks, gossips or harassments.

Turn on Cameras

The employee monitoring becomes more convenient when you can operate the camera of the monitored PC through the web portal.

The spying software for computer devices lets you turn on primary and secondary cameras of the monitored device to see what is happening in the surroundings. You can take photos or record the happening in the form of a video. It lets you closely watch out the activities of all workers remaining anywhere in the world.

Track Browsing History

The internet is the most important thing for streamlining business operations. However, the misuse of this technology can put a negative impact on the productivity of the workers. What if your workers are using the company internet for downloading movies, listening to music or doing online shopping?

The tracking software for personal computer devices lets you know how your workers use the internet. You can get access to the internet browsing history of the monitored devices even if it is deleted from the original device. It lets you know which websites are being visited frequently. You can block access to unproductive websites to boost employee productivity.

Access Passwords

The surveillance program provides access to passwords and confidential data put to the monitored computer device.

The spyware app acts as a keylogger and records all keystrokes put to the keyboard of the tracked device. These keystrokes contain passwords, usernames, email addresses, messenger chats and more important information put to the device. You can access all the keystrokes right from the web portal of TheOneSpy.

Compatibility and Pricing

Windows Pakages

The PC spy software of TheOneSpy is compatible with Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, and many other popular personal computer brands.

The supported operating system of the software is Windows OS versions 7, 8 and 10. The price of the windows tracker app is around $40 a month. This price is subject to change from time to time. Check out the latest price of the Windows packages.

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