Naruto Hand Signs

What are the Naruto Hand Signs? Most of us have grown up with the Big Three. We have worshipped Naruto as our role model. And, if we say that we have never tried copying any of the Naruto Jutsus- would be a straight-up lie. So, if you are one of us- this is the right place. Welcome.

Today in this article we will be trying to decode all of the hand signs that were shown in the anime and their significance. So, buckle up and get ready for some more knowledge. Let’s get started.


Everything You Need to Know About Naruto Hand Signs in 10 Minutes

12. Rooster

You might have seen almost all of the shinobis and kunoichis of Sunagakure use this. Mainly required for Wind Release, Rooster is a hand sign used often by a lot. Even Naruto uses this. Connecting the index, pinky along with the thumb- the rooster is known to all.

11. Boar

The Boar is quite a basic technique that shinobis and kunoichis use before summoning techniques. Also, fans have a memory of this technique for our beloved Jiraiya was the one who told Naruto about this particular one.

10. Dog

If you remember clearly- you might have seen Zabusa use this technique. That is because the Water Release mainly requires this particular hand sign. Among different Naruto Hand Signs, the snake is something that is vigorously practised by the strongest ones.

9. Dragon

The dragon is somewhat one of the complicated hand signs. We do not see a lot of it, but it is heavily relied on for all of the Dragon ninjutsu. You might have seen Hiruzen or Sasuke doing this particular one.

8. Hare

The Hare sign is once again used by Sasuke. It might sound a lot complex theoretically. But, the user needs to be an expert while doing it. You have to be precise and you cannot fumble. It is used between Chidori. So, you might have caught Sasuke or Kakashi doing it.

naruto hand signs

7. Horse

The Horse is another of the hand signs issued in the Uchiha famous Fireball Jutsu. People of the Uchiha clan use this as one of their most important signs. Sasuke uses this to do his summoning Fireball Jutsu.

6. Monkey

Commonly used in Chidori, the monkey is a fan favorite. People using Chidori are often used seen using this hand sign. Zabuza is seen using this particular one too.

5. Ox

A very famous name comes to mind when talking about the Ox hand sign. The name is Itachi. Yes, other Uchiha Clan members also use this particular hand sign. Fire Jutsus require this.

naruto hand signs

4. Ram

The Ram is one of the most important signs used in Naruto. You have seen this quite often, and Naruto himself is a big fan. One of the vital signs of the Shadow Clone Jutsu- the ram is heavily relied on by Naruto himself.

3. Rat

Where have you seen this Naruto Hand Sign? If you wreck your brain- you might come up with the answer of Nara Clan. Yes, you are right- we have seen Shikamaru use this multiple times in battles. Their Shadow Imitation Technique requires this particular hand sign.

2. Snake

The snake hand sign is something that you see almost everyone using in the anime. This is also extremely easy to create for you just have you clasp your hands together like you do while praying. Earth, Wood, and even Lightning releases require this particular hand sign.

1. Tiger

Everyone knows this important hand sign. Sasuke relies heavily on it as it is essential before his Uchiha legendary fire Jutsu. This one is quite common among other Earth users as well. This sign might be easy to create or use, but do not underestimate it’s power.

naruto hand signs

This is all we have about the Naruto Hand Signs for today. Have you tried summoning a Jutsu yet? Go and try right now. Who knows? You might come out as the next successful shinobi?

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