Upper and Lower Demons

Have you been wanting to get into more details about the Demon System in Demon Slayer? Here we have Everything You Need to Know About Upper and Lower Demons all listed together. Come on.

If you are planning to start Demon Slayer or have recently started it- you need to know about the Twelve Moons. The Twelve Moons are an important and vital part of the plot.


What are Upper and Lower Demons?

The Twelve Moon system is a system in the Demon Slayer anime introduced by Muzan himself. This is a league of his best demons ranked in strength. The Twelve Moons consist of six upper-rank demons and six lower-rank demons according to their strength. The first six are excessively strong while the last six are weaker in comparison to them.

All of them have Muzan’s blood in their system which gives them this immense strength to fight the strongest Hashira. For ages, they have roamed on earth and tormented the people.

Upper and Lower Demons: Ranking

First, we are going to talk about the six Upper-Rank Demons

1. Kokushibo

Best known as the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni- Kokushibo also happened to be a Demon Slayer in the past. This makes him the strongest among all the Upper and Lower Demons in Demon Slayer. He is favored by Muzan himself and shows immense strength with his blade. He is an expert in Moon Breathing.

Everything You Need to Know About Upper and Lower Demons

2. Douma

We have to appreciate Douma’s stamina. His agility and speed are something that everyone praises. Also, he is very strong as expected from someone who ranks second among the ranks.

Everything You Need to Know About Upper and Lower Demons

For someone who can even freeze people of he wants, Douma mainly uses cryokinesis as his art.

3. Akaza

Akaza is a well-known figure for people who have seen the Mugen Train Arc. He is the one who faced the Flame Hashira. He is extremely intelligent along with being very strong. But, he has a promise of not touching or killing women.

4. Hantengu

Hantengu is someone whom people call a coward. And, that is mainly because he chose to run away from his crimes. When he was a human, he always used to escape. He stole and killed people, however, he never took the blame as he always acted innocent and an old person.

Hantengu Upper Moon

5. Gyokko

Here comes another strong demon among the upper and Lower Demons. Gyokko can even regenerate. He is quite strong when it comes to physical abilities. And, the fact that he can even mend himself after any kind of injury makes him more ferocious.

Gyokko Upper Moon

6. Daki and Gyuutarou

You have seen a lot of Daki and Gyuutarou in the latest Entertainment Arc. Muzan loves Daki. And, when she got defeated by Uzui- he had to face the wrath of her elder brother Gyuutarou who happens to be more powerful than her. Any more information will just spoil the remaining arc for you. So, we will get to that later

Now, comes the six Lower Rank Demons among the Upper and Lower Demons

7. Enmu

We saw how much sadistic this demon can get back in the Mugen Train Arc. Even when he was on the verge of dying- he did not give up on his sadistic nature. He likes harming and tormenting humans with no remorse which is why even Muzan is impressed by him. His cunning nature helps in wars even more.

Everything You Need to Know About Upper and Lower Demons

8. Rokuro

We do not have much information about this one among the Upper and Lower Demons, but we do know that Muzan was the one who killed Rokuro. The reason was probably his powerlessness. He even tried to tell Muzan that he needs more of his blood to gain strength.

Rokuro Demon SLayer

9. Wakuraba

Muzan was the one who decapitated Wakuraba. He does have healing or regeneration powers, but it is also true that he is not that strong. The demon could not revive himself. He did not play a big role either.

upper and lower demons

10. Mukago

We do not see a lot of this lower moon even in the manga. Whatever we know is that she happens to be quite a coward person. Her backstory is not known either. Muzan made her a demon and she kills humans after that. It is said that she runs away from Hashiras.

11. Rui

The leader of the Spider Demons- Rui happened to be a frail child. He gt turned into a Lower Demon by Muzan himself. He even was the cause of the murder of his parents. The one word that describes him will be disturbing.

Everything You Need to Know About Upper and Lower Demons

12. Kyogai

We will not be seeing any more of Kyogai among the Upper and Lower Demons. It is said that he cannot eat human flesh anymore for he has consumed to his limit. Muzan himself was the one who stripped him of his title when he proved to be useless.

All of the Lower ranks are gone now- defeated by the trio or the Hashiras. Muzan no longer has this post open and works with Upper Moons only.

This is all we have about the Upper and Lower Demons in Demon Slayer. Let us know more about your thoughts on them. Follow us for more anime and manga related content. Also, you might like to read Demon Slayer Episode 11.

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