Famous Gamblers
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Many people believe gambling is not designed for people to have the upper hand, and that is true. No business enterprise will want to make a loss just to satisfy their clients, which also applies to gambling. However, that does not mean gamblers stand no chance. You might not personally know any gambler who has made more than he has lost in a casino. However, there are millions of them. Gambling Code experts note that gambling is an activity that has been enjoyed for centuries, and if it was so unprofitable, people would not engage in it anymore.

In casino history, thousands of gamblers have made millions in just one night of playing their favorite casino game, proving that the house edge can be defeated repeatedly. Playing in Casino Kartac and other verified platforms makes it possible to make profits, and many punters have proven that over time. Some of the most remarkable punters are:


1. Kerry Pecker

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Kerry Packer was one of the richest men in Australia as his family’s business empire was booming. However, that was not what earned Packer his fame. He was renowned in the gambling industry. Packer had money and was not hesitant to spend it as he always played big. But he failed to realize that huge stakes do not always result in huge returns, especially in the gambling industry. Packer was also famous for his losing streak, as he lost much of his gambling money. At a point, he maintained a losing streak and lost about forty million dollars in London and Las Vegas casinos.

However, luck shined on this punter occasionally, as he also recorded some really impressive wins. One of these was in 1995 when the rich gambler won twenty million dollars in less than an hour after staking $250,000 on blackjack. Though Pecker might not have won as much as he lost, one cannot deny that a win of $20 million is not extremely impressive.

2. Ben Bentor

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Bentor is revered in the gambling world as the most successful bettor alive. Clearly, he must have had some really impressive wins to get that legacy. Unlike most people who relied only on luck and grace, Benter was equipped with better weapons – an in-depth understanding of mathematics and physics.

With skills like Bentor’s, most people would have gone ahead to become scientists or something related, but Bentor did not. Instead, he chose to put his skills to use at the casinos, and though many would not have agreed with that decision, it cannot be denied that it paid off for him.

Benter made so much money that his face was known in casinos and by punters visiting his regular spot. His impressive winning streak made many professionals scared of betting against him, as it was almost certain that they would lose. On multiple occasions, Bentor defeated the house edge and made hundreds of millions on blackjack tables.

3. Zeljko Ranogajec

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Clearly, the knowledge of maths and physics can come in handy when playing specific casino games. Bentor and Ranogajec have proved that. Popularly known as the joker, Ranogajec’s face was one that casinos did not like to see as they knew he was going to go home with some of their money.

His wins around Australia were record-breaking, and he kept this amazing streak until he got banned from playing in the country.

Mathematics and physics were great for games like blackjack and other cards, but Ranogajec’s photographic memory made it even easier for him to challenge anyone effortlessly. Though he had already made a fortune before he was banned from casinos, Ranogajec decided to still put his skills to use and make even more money. He went ahead to the horse racing scene and tried to predict the races’ results. It is safe to say that no one has a better prediction record than Ranogajec, as they were always accurate.