Hey, everyone. The most awaited fall anime Goblin Slayer is finally making its premiere tomorrow. So here is small peak on Goblin Slayer Episode 1 with its synopsis and Preview Images. The Episode 1 is titled as “The end of an Adventurer”. Subscribe to our Reddit Community for the latest updates.

Synopsis Goblin Slayer Episode 1

On the same day the goddess priest became an adventurer, he heads to the forest cave with the new adventurers to help the goblin’s daughter. It was the goblin that is said to be the weakest among the monsters, but they are caught in a trap set in a cave and they fall into a crisis of desperate situation. At that time, a silver grade (third ranked) person who covered the whole body with armor appeared before the goddess officer. That guy who grieves over his troubles and trouble with goblin himself calls himself “Goblin Slayer”.

(NOTE: These are rough Japanese Translations. May lead to wrong conclusions)

Preview Images

Fans are really curious about how White Fox will be able to adapt the brutal and violent into the anime and how much transmission will be made in the series series.