Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction fight
Gods from the leftr over universes begin to spar.

Dragon Ball Super what will happen next?

What’s up guys! We are looking at the preview of Dragon Ball Super Episode 96, there were 3 major parts which were shown for episode 96. The God’s of the strongest universes fighting each other being my favorite. The other two being the controversial scene of Frieza talking to Frost and the last being the few glances we got of the fighters.

Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction fight
Gods from the leftover universes begin to spar.

Let’s begin with God’s fighting. We see Ivan God of Destruction of Universe 1 Liker God of the Destruction of universe 8 and Irak of Universe 5 fighting. We know they won’t be participating in the tournament so they are likely only here to show off their powers.

Dragon Ball Super Grand Priest
Grand Priest using a sort of shield

The Grand priest sees them and surprisingly even though they are so powerful he watches them smiling. It is confirmed that Omni King calls the 4 non-participating Universe’s Gods of Destruction for a talk so maybe he just needs some more ‘entertainment’.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren
Mysterious ki of Jiren

We saw Frieza talking to Frost. they look quite similar but I am sure Frieza is way powerful than frost is and he knows that.

I speculate there will be Hit who will be intervening soon. We see a lot of new character most talked about being Jiren. Goku seems excited to meet him or at least feel his energy. He could be the one who is mortal and stronger than the gods.

Dragon Ball Super Yardrat
The species which taught Goku Instant Transmission – The Yardrats

There is one more character who I was amazed to see in the preview and he is the Yardrat (hope I am spelling it correctly). He has the same fashion sense as Goku when he returned from training in the future trunks arc.

That would mean he not only will have instant transmission but also a lot of new such techniques they didn’t teach Goku while he was on their planet.

There are controversies that Frieza would betray Universe 7 and I still can’t claim them falsely as we do not see Frieza anywhere with team Goku in the preview.

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