Dragon ball super episode 85 English Subbed

Kale’s “True Saiyan” form was over-rated or at least over powered, this is something I believed unless we did a little digging. It turns out Goku was actually holding back. Common’ no one can beat God from that easy.

The upcoming fights are going to be really mind blowing. Goku did try to hide his true strength while he was using his Kamehameha on Kale, but it seems Jiren exactly knows how powerful Goku is and that is the reason he tells half of the team to attack Goku and co. We are talking about the Pride troopers so five of them, well it ammounts to a lot of fire power.

So, how on earth do I claim Goku to be stronger than what we saw in the last episode, well, we will have to go back few episodes to the future trunks arc, where Goku uses his Kamehameha against Zamasu. I mean look at the intensity of that attack. It is at least 5 times more powerful if not more than the attack we saw last day.

It can be taken as a fact that universe 7 warriors have mastered the art of controlling their power levels. I am guessing Goku intentionally kept his power level low while going against Kale, given he was only defending himself or He miscalculated the power of the “sinister form”. There is one more possibility that he did not want Jiren to know his true strength yet. Even if we move back to the fight with Toppo, the Kamehameha was way stronger than the one he used on Kale.

Saiyan can transform and yet use as low as 10-30% of their power as per the need. Goku has had the habit of analyzing the opponent’s power before he turns offensive, remember the match with Hit? But may be he miscalculated this time given, Kale beat the Super Saiyan out of him a couple of seconds ago. Damn! I had never seen an SSJ2 get beaten that hard. Another thing that indicates that Goku was not using his full potential, is that he could have used his Kioken over God form and honestly, that never gets less amazing to see.

The next episode of Dragon Ball Super brings us Kale, Culifla and Goku fight together. Well, Kale is of no use unless she transforms and I am guessing that there will be some emotional touch to the episode which will lead to the transformation of Kale but this time with complete control over her powers. As per Goku vs Jiren we will have to wait for few more episode before we get to that. I am also excited about Hit, he seems to be fighting with a complete strategy. His most noticeable strength is he knows exactly where his weakness lies.

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