The new form has been a trending topic of excitement for a long time now, in fact even after the ultra instinct form was first introduced by Goku in the last episode it gave us a lot of unanswered questions. The new form doesn’t look like to be a completed one.

There are a lot of things which we do know about the form and even more what hasn’t been established yet, Let’s look at the form which probably even Gods seem to fear.

The main trailer of the new form which was shown with One Piece special had Goku’s shirt torn that means Goku will gain this form again which will last longer and will be the final one, he wasn’t transformed fully currently due to lack of energy. He will transform again in this perfected final form by Dragon Ball Super episode 113/114.

There are few things which I thought it would be worth mentioning in this article. The new form is actually and in it’s most basic form a mastery self-movement. This is something that Whis had earlier mentioned in the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super.

It essentially means that every part of the body of the fighters think for themselves and there is no time wasted while the mind thinks for the next move.

This was clear as the moves of Goku was not the same as they use to be while even in Super Saiyan Blue. This is something we have seen Whis doing as an angel and trainer of Beerus, I presume the other angels would be capable of such moves too. On the other hand the Gods do have difficulty obtaining this form.

How final form will look like.

The next thing is that Goku has seemingly broken the shell he was in. He has entirely gotten the taste of the Godly power. The faces of the Gods were worth looking at.

He pushed himself way beyond his limits when he resisted the Genki Dama. Well, unlike most of the form this form is not derived from emotions and I see Vegeta obtaining this in near future too. I mean Goku and Vegeta do not have a huge power gap in the blue form, and if a trigger is what it takes why not?

The Genki Dama absorption acted as a bettery for the new form. Now you see Goku was already almost dead when he got into his new form and Genki Dama acted as power source and that is why I feel this form is not the 100% powered up form.

Image by davidmaxsteinbach

I believe the new form will be way more stronger than this and will have the eliment of emotion attached to it. There is another aspect of the heat which has been unexplained and I have a theory here that Goku is not able to hold is energy limit and that is flowing out in terms of heat.

The perfected form will not have this limit to the form. Let us know if you have any theories about the heat and do leave a like below.


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