Today Dragon Ball Super 1-hour special episode came out and it is trending greatly not because of its duration but because of the form that Goku achieves in that Episode, which is said to be a brand new form of great power that even God’s cannot achieve easily.

The form is said to have ‘Ultra Instinct’.

Beerus was even shocked to see that form, the tremendous heat from Goku’s body with frightening calmness allows his body to move on its own, which is really great as his guard will never be down in this form and this form was even overwhelming Jiren. Jiren and every God of Destruction seeing the fight were shocked from Goku’s power!

This episode was seriously beyond perfect- the way that Goku entered back the show after the Spirit bomb hit him was simply amazing.

Goku gained this new power after breaking his limit to stop the tremendous amount of energy from the spirit bomb, but currently, it seems the power of this form is not perfect yet and has limits that’s why Goku was not able to last long against Jiren, you can also see the difference between this and the actual form shown by TOEI animation below:

We currently don’t know what the name of this new form could be! But it may be later called the form with the Ultra Instinct!

How the perfect form will look like by Episode 114/115:


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