Howdy , everyone, so today’s episode was literally awesome. The combined attack of Kale and Caulifa were definitely giving damage to Goku. The return of SSJ God and the fusion were amazing. In Japanese language Ultra Instinct is called ‘Migate no Gokui’.

As the series is continuously moving ahead, the heat of Ultra Instinct is not cooling down and today we got a piece of new information about Goku’s new form.

Special thanks to KenXyro for all the information and pictures. Ultra Instinct ‘Kizashi’ was revealed by two of these sources, first was the action figures revealed by Toei and second was when Dragon Ball Heroes poster was released!


As we all know that the Ultra Instinct that we saw in episode 110 is not a form but a technique but Limit Breaker is the form which we will be seeing in upcoming episodes.

You all already know that in Japanese language Ultra Instinct is called ‘Migate no Gokui’. But in these images it was written as ‘Migate no Gokui Kizashi’.


And after the episode 109-110 aired, Toei Animation released some action figures of Goku’s new form and Goku’s new form figure with Limit Breaker was labelled as Ultra Instinct ‘Kizashi’.


After that, in a Dragon Ball heroes poster they named the form same as earlier- ultra Instinct ‘Kizashi’.


At first I though it was not a big deal but it can really bring a plot twist in story line.


What is ‘Kizashi’?

Now The Japanese meanings of the word Kizashi are Omen, symptoms , signs, and warning. And If you are well aware of Kanji (Japanese Language) that sometimes same words have many different meanings and in my opinion it is used as symptom or sign here.

It is used as same as we say “this pain is a symptom of heavy exercise” and here it means Ultra Instinct is a Symptom of Goku’s new form the limit Breaker or are the symptoms of some other form which confirms that we will be going to see true and mastered ultra instinct soon. Also, in the episode 113 Whis said that Goku’s skills are being sharpened.


All of these episodes before Goku vs Jiren re-battle are the ones to build the character of Goku, he is getting stronger and stronger as they progress, and will pave the way to introduce the mastered form of Ultra Instinct again! And this time his energy and stamina will be high from the starting as earlier it was not the case.

So what are your thoughts about these. Please comment down your opinions in the comment box.

Here is the official source video from KenXyro below: