GoKu Ultra Instinct Music tone and Major Limit Breaker Covers!


The Tournament of Power is at its end. Only 10 minutes are left and 13 fighters are on the Stage. While Goku is the most Valuable player with 9 plus eliminations. So, you all probably would have listened the 2nd opening Song of DBS Goku Limit Breaker X survivor.

 Here we have compiled an article with famous opening song covers and Goku ULtra Instinct Music! We know that Goes Ultra Instinct music is out of the world! Here it is:

Download it here: To convert above YouTube video to mp3 tone, just paste the YouTube link after opening this site here and download the tone: http://convert2mp3.net/en/

Originally sung by Kiyoshi Hikawa. It has been continuously playing up from Episode 77 onwards, from the start Of Universal Arc. Personally it is one of  those anime songs which I barely ever Skipped. Here we have compiled an article with famous opening song covers and Goku ULtra Instinct Music! 

You probably have came across many different types of covers of this song. Some are quite funny some are serious, some are Live action stuff while some are real sh*t. So, today I have come up with my favourite ones. Here is the most unique one:

Dragon Ball Super Theme Song – LIMIT BREAK X SURVIVOR Bagpipe Cover:

Originally made by Black Charmer and composed by Karan Katiyar. Here is what she says about this:

Dragon ball super Episode is out and I couldn’t resist making a super pumped Bagpipe cover of the epic Opening theme song Limit Break X Survivor.

Dragon Ball Super – Opening 2 – Limit-Break x Survivor (Piano Cover + SHEET MUSIC)

Played by Max AnimPianist. Here is what they say about this.

Hey guys, I hope you like this cover of dragon ball super Limit-Break x Survivor. This is by far my favorite opening this season and It was fun to post about these.


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